All Things Gold

Straight-up acoustic vocal jazz in a champagne glass Ė swinging, clean, cool and refined.



Melanie Mitrano, vocals

Matt King, piano

Andy Eulau, bass

Scott Neumann, drums


Mike Lee, saxophones

Nick Afflitto & Jim Cifelli, trumpets



      Listening Samples


1.      Immune

2.      Another Song about the Moon

3.      Something to Go On

4.      My Finest Hour

5.      The Man You Used to Be

6.      All Things Gold

7.      I Ainít Got You

8.      Smarten Up

9.      She Floats Away

10.  You Canít Unring Bells

11.  The King of Cryptology

12.  Backstory

13.  Never Been to Brazil

14.  Wednesdays

15.  Toccata Talk to Me


All titles composed by Melanie Mitrano, (ASCAP), copyright © 2009.



  © 2009 - 2010 Melanie Mitrano. All rights reserved.