Melanie Mitrano
Melanie Mitrano

“A singer with an evocative bearing, Mitrano conveys messages of wise observation, sassiness and vulnerability…these songs are examples of her expansive lyrical palette…"

 Don Lerman, Cadence Magazine

"Singer-songwriters are a very individual and powerful thing in pop, singers who create the words and music that they sing.  Of course we don't have much of that in the classical world.  But here's Melanie Mitrano, writing and singing songs to her own texts, and hitting an emotional bull’s-eye."

Greg Sandow, The Village Voice

“Melanie Mitrano proves venturesome in accommodating different music perspectives – art, stage, jazz… her instincts are finely honed.  Kudos to Mitrano.”

Jonathan Woolf, MusicWeb International

Genre:  Brazilian / MPB - "Ninguém Entende Nada"

Genre:  Brazilian / MPB - "Leva-Me"

Genre:  Brazilian / MPB - "Noutro Tempo"

Genre:  Samba Rock - "Pine Tree"

Genre:  Pop Ballad - "These Things Were Known"

Genre:  Classical-Jazz Crossover Art Song - "Aries & Gemini"

Genre:  Classical-Theater Crossover Art Song - "Prom Date"

Genre:  Classical Art Song - "Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder"

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