Melanie Mitrano
Melanie Mitrano

Vocal Release Therapy

Vocal Release Therapy is a unique, non-invasive natural healing practice that targets the regions of the body that are mainly used in speaking and singing.  The release and relaxation of the voice is achieved through a mixture of modalities including gentle-touch, energy work, heat, sound and aromatherapy.  Areas of focus include the head, neck, ears, sinuses, jaw, tongue, throat, larynx, chest, shoulders, ribs, and diaphragm.

Many factors can contribute to vocal problems:  illness, injury, reflux, TMJ, stress, misuse and overuse, to name a few.  Professional voice users are athletes that place high physical demands on their instruments.  Vocal Release Therapy can help restore vocal ease, quality, and range, boost immunity, and calm the central nervous system, thereby reducing the anxiety and fear associated with dysphonia.

After suffering an acute vocal injury, Dr. Mitrano developed this customized therapy specifically to rehabilitate her own voice, in collaboration with colleague Gerson Galante, a fellow musician who is certified in Brazil for massage, reflexology, and Reiki.  The results were immediate and effective.

Clients are fully-clothed for the session, although wearing/bringing a tank or tube top is recommended.

$70 / hour

$40 / half hour


To schedule a session, call 973-438-8532 or The Vocal Studio at 973-901-0855




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